Club Rooms Hire

Harcourt Bowling Club

Facility Use Policy

Aim of policy
To give guidance on the conditions under which the club facilities may be used by “non member” groups.

The HBC welcomes the use of the club facility by local community members.

Restrictions on availability
During bowls season [generally September to April] the facility is utilised frequently for “bowling” events
This restricts the availability for other uses.

Typically the club is utilised by members at the following times:
Monday during the day when used for mid week pennant.
Wednesday afternoons when used for pennant practice.
Friday afternoon and evening when used for practice and members draw.
Saturdays when used for weekend pennant.

Generally the facilities are available at other times except for specific club events, eg tournaments.
These dates are listed on the club website

Facilities available
1. Green.
The club has a grass green for lawn bowls.
Access to the green is restricted to personnel who wear flat soled shoes, or play in bare feet.
Personnel who have not previously played bowls must be briefed by the club coach or an experienced member before entering the playing surface.
2. Club rooms.
The club room is suitable for sit down events of up to 60 people, or 150 for finger food type functions.
The club has a restricted liquor licence for on premises consumption.
Non members must be signed in by a member.
The club have available registered bar staff if the bar is required.
Catering by HBC members is available if required, with rates to be negotiated with the clubs catering committee.

All charges are negotiable, but the following should be considered a guide.
Green $5.00 per player.
Club rooms $20.00 per hour [minimum 2 hours] with a $250.00 deposit.
Charges are on the basis that the facilities are left as found.
Damages and/or cleaning will incur extra charges.

Enquiries may be directed to either:
Club President, John Starbuck on 0448044587
Club Secretary, John Grant on 54743246